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New palettes

Hand made portrait palettes : made to order

You can now order your unique hand tailored palette, from Daniel Yeomans with your name stamped on the underside. They have a lead weight carefully placed inside, so that they balance comfortably in your hand whilst painting. The smooth flat varnished surface top and bottom, means no wobble or movement when placed on a table. A form based on research from the classical design that would have been used by the old masters of portrait painting. 56cm x 40cm - £45 per palette...

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Bench, easel and lake photo

Plein air painting

Plein air painting is always a journey. The interesting people you meet.  The sudden gusts of wind that try to blow everything away.  The mountain storms which come and go, and then there is the unexpected swarms of annoying flies that decide to stick to the paint. This is a picture from the 1st lay in on Monday....

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Many thanks to Linnéa who very kindly and patiently sat for a portrait painting during this winter, which you can see on my Twitter account @Dan_Yeomans. This enabled me to continue practicing what I had learned in my 1st year. The studio have kindly offered me a 'studio assistant' type scholarship for my 2nd year which will be of much help indeed.  Meanwhile I have been taking a year out in order to save the remaining funds needed to continue with my studies again this October....

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