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Art work that is uniquely yours

In keeping with his traditional training in Florence, Daniel paints commissions directly from life.  Through his painting methods he shares a direct link with the great portrait painters of the past.  Using knowledge which has remained unchanged through the centuries, preparing his own pigments and the highest quality canvasses with the same techniques. Daniel’s Sitters are immersed into the world of classical portraiture at its finest, making the experience a memorable journey, for the sitter and the Artist alike.  Taking the time to have sittings with the painter and allowing the painting to evolve over time is an important part of the sight-size technique.


Sittings can take place at your convenience, in his purpose built studio in Montgomery, Wales.  Alternative locations can also be arranged, in which case disbursements, whilst kept to a minimum are additional to the usual rate.  Daniel considers all types of commissions.

Daniel would love to hear from you today. You can also arrange to visit the studio and have a look around.


Discover previous commissions by Daniel and the exciting step by step journey to having a finished artwork framed and hanging on the wall. Below daniel writes about the process to completing different projects undertaken and the varying aspects which go into each one. If your looking to invest or commission a work and unsure what you want, this might be key in helping you toward a decision. To see more examples and be inspired see the NEWS page.


    These portraits can range from an under life size study, a charcoal drawing or head and shoulders portrait painting right through to a full length portrait or scene painting.  In fact, any painting with an interior scene as the background is likely to be painted in the purpose built studio.  With beautiful north light coming downward through one large window at one end of the studio, falling at roughly 45degrees it creates the perfect chiaroscuro for painting the figure. It is also a fairly unchanging light throughout the day.  

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    Large portraits can include full length portraits, Family portraits and scene paintings. They are often of particular interest due to the complexities of arranging large composition. Something which has fascinated critiques and Artists alike throughout the centuries.

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    A few years back,whilst making my way up a mountain in Switzerland lumbered with painting equipment a friendly lift operator remarked that ” To best paint a landscape you must really live it”  – Which I completely agree with.  Landscape painting or ‘plein-air’ has become a real passion of mine and an opportunity for travelling, discovering and to be inspired  by new places, always with my painting equipment on hand.

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For your home or work place

There’s a certain pride in hanging artwork that is uniquely yours. Daniel can advise on the way forward and help your realise your vision.


Bringing your idea to Daniel is the first step.  What are you looking for, which is the right medium for you.  Everyone has something unique in mind, some more sure than others. Some even suggest that the artist create something of his own intuition and enjoy the surprise of the unveiling. There are many different ways to commission a painting making them all completely unique to you.

After a concept is decided on, a location for painting to take place will be decided on and dates for a first sitting are arranged.  The 1st sitting usually exploring the idea, with pencil sketches being made and different compositions tested. Gradually making way toward a final idea of the composition.


Daniel will stretch the canvas and prime it at the studio, ready to begin painting at the desired location, Sittings are arranged to suit your schedule, whether that means turning the experience into a short holiday, or fitting it around your busy schedule with sittings when you have the spare time.  Daniel works hard to make you feel as much at home as possible, chatting whilst painting. Music or podcasts of choice are often on in the background.  Each sitting lasting about 3hours in total (including breaks, cups of tea and chatting throughout) The number of sittings depends on the complexity of the idea and size of the canvas.


After your sittings are done, occasionally further work is required on the background or clothing which can be completed with a ‘stand-in’ model. When the painting is finished it is signed and left to dry in Daniel’s studio before receiving a varnish.  The next stage is to take it to a framers which, Daniel will gladly accompany you or help in any way possible to choose the frame which works with both your walls and painting alike.
The painting is now ready to be taken home and enjoyed for generations to come.