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“Dan did a great job of a very large painting at our home in Wales.  No doubt we will all hear a lot more about him in the years to come”.

 – William Hague


Commissioning a portrait, you are enabling the artist to paint from life.  It’s an interactive journey between model and artist and an essential part of Daniel’s approach to working that will see your artwork revealed in paint one brush stroke at a time.  For those who make time for modelling, the art not only becomes a unique part of your collection but also creates a personal story that will be past on through the generations.


Daniel’s outdoor works are largely inspired by exploration and light.  Working en plein air he enjoys all the challenges & rewards of reaching unique locations and painting in the elements.  Requesting a landscape commission means you become a part of the creative process. Sharing ideas, stories & knowledge of local areas is important inspiration for the artist to work with.  Feel free to get in touch with Daniel today with an idea.



Step One

Contact Daniel and have a chat about what you have in mind. Whether you are looking to invest in existing piece or commission your own artwork Daniel will guide you through the available options and help make the best choice.



Step Two

Daniel Begins working on your artwork of choice whether it's a plein air landscape, or a portrait, in which case sittings will be arranged beforehand.



Step Three

Proudly display your unique, commissioned artwork on the walls of your home or workplace. It's especially personal to you and its story will be past down through the generations.

Daniel James Yeomans

An acclaimed, contemporary artist with a traditional training at the Internationally renowned Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence.

In 2019 Daniel’s ‘Self portrait No.3’ was added to the public collection at the National Library of Wales.  Daniel enjoys painting from life and his technique for portraiture is one that has remained somewhat unchanged since the renaissance. At  the same time endeavouring to be original and creative with project ideas give Daniel’s work a unique style.  As well as specialising in in portraiture Daniel spends much of his time travelling and painting plein air works. Some of which, hang in collections throughout Europe, Asia & America.

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Portrait photo of Dan Yeomans by Poppy for DiscoverDyfi


Here is some of Daniel’s portraiture. To see landscapes, still lives and to purchase artworks please continue to the gallery.


Daniel offers private tuition and short courses in different areas and locations throughout the year. If you are wanting to discover the artist in you, then Daniel’s workshops are an ideal option you should consider. Daniel’s enthusiasm for all forms of art will get you motivated to be better at drawing and painting in record time! There are private and group options available. If your friends want to unleash their creativeness, then get together and book your sessions with Daniel.

Learn more about Daniel's art workshops

Typically an area of study chosen after attempting portraits with Charcoal. For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the sight- size method and to try oil paints for the first time.

Learn to use the sight-size method.

Learn to mix your own colours to match those from life.

All sessions conducted at the studio.


Landscape painting workshops can take place all over and are always ‘Plein air’. I usually spend 2-3 sessions on any small landscape painting. You can expect to complete 2 paintings in a 3 day workshop.

Learn the techniques of the masters from the past.

Learn to see the landscape with an artist's perspective.

Workshops for 2 - 4 days available.


An introduction to the sight-size technique of drawing. The workshop is for all abilities with no prior experience required. You learn to draw cast and figures, before you start progressing to drawing portraits from life.

Includes all materials needed for tuition.

All tuition is conducted at the studio.

Private and group bookings available.


Stay up-to-date with Daniel’s day to day life as an artist. He’s constantly putting his considerable talent to good use and regularly posts a behind the scenes look at his creative process in hope to inspire others along the way.