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Daniel J. Yeomans


Daniel J. Yeomans was born in Bedford 1986, and spent his childhood living just below the Malvern hills, where he was nearly always to be found with a pencil in his hand.  It was here that his love for nature and the outdoors, it also his love of art began.  Daniel then moved to the Midlands to study Art at college, along with Design & Media.

At the age of 20, a fascination for travel impelled a move to the Swiss Alps to live and work.  Daniel remained here for five years, until eventually heading to Florence to pursue his career as an artist.  He studied at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, where he trained using a technique known as ‘sight-size’ favoured by many of the masters such as Velasquez and Van Dyck.  Receiving a scholarship enabled Daniel to remain for a second year as a teacher/studio assistant whilst continuing his studies.  Four years after starting his career in Wales, Daniel returned to Switzerland.  In keeping with his training, Daniel continues to paint from life under natural light, and now has a purpose-built studio in Founex, close to Geneva, where he now works and lives.  Accepting commissions from all over the world, continually expands Daniel’s following which now sees his works hanging in private and public collections throughout Europe, Asia and America.  In 2020 the National Library of Wales added his self-portrait to its collection and in 2021 Daniel was made a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy. To arrange a studio visit please contact Daniel via email.

Exhibition of Welsh art in Wales


  • 2021 – Daniel is elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.
  • 2020 – Invitation only exhibition – September, Fribourg
  • 2020 – North to South Wales – Solo exhibition at MOMA
  • 2019 – The National Library of Wales purchase Self portrait #3 for their collection
  • Nature themed exhibition at the The Willow Gallery. | July | UK
  • 2019 – Daniel’s painting  ‘The 12 Caesars’ was ‘Highly commended’ at the MOMA ‘History’ Exhibition
  • 2019 – Ellesmere College Exhibition – Shropshire – May | UK
  • 2019 – Daniel’s painting ‘Dystonia & I ; The renaissance of self’ has been selected for the Shortlist in Jackson’s Open Painting Prize.
  • 2019 – The Soden collection, Shrewsbury – British & American modern – July/Aug | UK
  • 2018 – Daniel painting on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, Episode 2. UK
  • 2018 – Gallery Esquisse – Solo Exhibition – Feb/March Nyon, CH.
  • 2017 – Self Portrait ‘Painting a stranger‘ Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
  • 2017 – The Willow Gallery Oswestry – Open Exhibition – Sept/Nov | UK
  • 2017 – Commissioned by the Trustees of Powis Castle Estate – Aug.
  • 2017- Ellesmere College Exhibition – Shropshire – June  | UK
  • 2016 – Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters – 2016
  • 2016 – The Willow Gallery Oswestry – Open Exhibition – December | UK
  • 2016 – Welsh Assembly (Senedd) -‘Montgomery town Crier‘- October |UK
  • 2015 – Premier of Wilhem Amrhein film – Engelberg – December | CH
  • 2016 – Hinterzarten Tal Museum – Germany – Winter | GER
  • 2015 – TME Tal Museum Engelberg – ‘From snow’ – Winter  | CH
  • 2014 – Hotel Hoheneck – ‘Life in the mountains’ – Summer | CH
  • 2013 – Apro Schloss – Solo exhibition | CH

The Press

Article . La Côte des Arts. Daniel J Yeomans

Article dans La Côte

A portrait of Exile . An article in ‘La Côte’ newspaper talking about Daniel’s studio, his project painting Katerina and her cat who have fled Ukraine as a refugees and also Katerina’s journey to Switzerland.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 22.42.34

Article in the Champérolian Messager.

Daniel is interviewed for the 92nd edition of the Champéry magazine whilst he paints some works in the lead up to a charitable Auction (Art_Champéry) which he has been a part of organising and will have a collection of works top for sale.

oli painting of the artists friend Tod

Interview with Jacksons Art

Daniel Brady interview about experiences in Florence, inspiration and becoming an artist.  Read the full article here

Daniel Yeomans - Thursday October 19th - Oswestry & Borderland Chronicle copy

Article in the Chronicle

Talking about the relationship between Daniel and model Timothy Edmunds and their painting project for charity.

purchasing pic3

Interview with Wales Arts Review

| talks to Daniel about his methods & exhibition at the Willowgallery.  Read full article here :

Shrewsbury magazine talking to Daniel Yeomans about painting a self portrait

Interview with ‘My Shrewsbury magazine’

About painting a Self portrait from life.

Making Turner and Constable blush...

Article in ‘La Cote’ Newspaper

‘Making Turner & Constable blush’ talks about the opening of Daniel’s latest exhibition in Switzerland and his journey to be a full time artist.

Auf den Spuren copy

Article in the ‘Neue Obwaldner’ newspaper

‘ Impressions of Switzerland’. Title translates as: ‘Following in the footsteps of portrait painters from the 19th century

die weisse farbe...

Front page in the Neue Obwaldner

(Neue Obwaldner Newspaper) December 2013
The Englishman Daniel Yeomans is in the Monastery village capturing shades of winter from the trail

The Easel Editorial

If you’re an Art Lover, Creator or Collector this is for you.

Daniel’s monthly Editorial aims to inspire. With new artists to watch and news from around the art community. Videos, blog posts and tutorials along with exhibition dates. All inside.