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Daniel James Yeomans / Creative people
Hannah making honeycomb marquees

Get Inspired | with Lloyd & Hannah

Honeycomb Marquees provide handmade traditional marquees for all sorts of events in the UK.   With humble beginnings, starting off in the living room, followed by lots of hard work they have grown and flourished. They now have  their own small business and retain all the qualities they started out with.  I sit down with Lloyd and Hannah for all the details. Continue reading to get inspired and put your ideas to actions!   How I met Lloyd:   We met at an indoor ski slope.  After chatting a while we discovered were on the the same 2 week ski instructing course which was to take place in Zermatt , where we subsequently met again and soon began skiing and hanging out.  During the course...

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Get Inspired | with Anja Dunk

I met Anja Dunk through 'howies' clothing. A while back now, I raced mountain bikes and spent a lot of time travelling. At this point I was sponsored by a Welsh clothing company called howies.  Each year the riders, skaters & surfers sponsored by howies would get invited for a week away to shoot for their new clothing catalogue. At this time Anja was working for howies and seemed to be the one running around organising everything and everyone whilst keeping a great vibe going, so it was here we first became friends. Meet Anja Dunk   Anja's creativity really has no boundries and if there is one person I know who can hold down what many would consider too many projects at once and...

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