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(Blog & Video) In between Crevasses

Painting Aletsch Glacier, A Unesco World Heritage Site   I'm going painting on the Aletsch glacier. It's part of a Unesco World Heritage Site and is the longest glacier in the alps, stretching over 23km. It sits between the northern slopes of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Currently shrinking about 50m in length each year, and at the fastest point, up to 200m per year. Being here and painting here feels somewhat like looking at a 'nature mort'. A vase of flowers, that in a short period will no longer exist or at the very least, not look the same. It might have move, crack, or crumble any time soon. You hope not to be stood there when it does, it would be extremely...

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Daniel YeomansPainting landscapes 'en plein air' in Champery

Discovering ‘ La Région Dents du midi’ – in paint

‘La Région Dents du Midi’ and me:

Champery was the first Swiss mountain resorts I ever visited.  Back when I was racing mountain bikes at about 19 years of age I had stopped by on a road trip with some friends.  After visiting for a week or so I knew I wanted to come back again.  Skip 3 years and I was working as a ski instructor for the Freeride ski school in Champery.

Painting the Swiss Alps


The Swiss alps have enticed many landscape artists before me inspiring works, which in some cases have spanned throughout a painters whole life time.  Switzerland and it’s stunning landscapes has produced many good landscape painters including Segantini and Ferdinand Holder.  So now it’s my turn to follow in their snowy footsteps while I prepare for my next solo exhibition in Nyon next to Lake Geneva.