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Plein air painting

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Painting the Swiss Alps


The Swiss alps have enticed many landscape artists before me inspiring works, which in some cases have spanned throughout a painters whole life time.  Switzerland and it’s stunning landscapes has produced many good landscape painters including Segantini and Ferdinand Holder.  So now it’s my turn to follow in their snowy footsteps while I prepare for my next solo exhibition in Nyon next to Lake Geneva.

Hanging of paintings in gallery

Exhibition – Tal museum

Today we have been Visiting some of my landscape paintings in the Engelberg Tal museum. It's quite an honour to be included in this show and have my paintings hanging next to those of a popular Swiss artist Wilhelm Amrhein (1873- 1926) who also lived and painted in Engelberg. It's curious how without having heard of this artist I have been inspired in many ways by the same landscapes and spots which Amrhein painted so many years ago such as 'Early November light', and the 'waterfall in the mountains' The show 'Vom Schnee' is open over the winter for the public to visit in Engelberg (Switzerland).   ...

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