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The day to day life of an artist

Get Inspired | with Anja Dunk

This blog is the first of an exciting new series I am doing each month called 'Get Inspired'.  I will be talking to inspirational people who are getting out there and doing things we all admire.  If they inspire me, maybe I can inspire you with their stories and glean from...

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An oil painting of cliffs at Porthclais Harbour in the morning light

Painting North – South Wales | Part 3

With my largest welsh exhibition on the horizon things are getting exciting now.  I’m constantly scouting locations and figuring out when will be the best time to visit them.  Pembrokeshire is on my radar but I need to wait for the weather to agree with my plans. I can’t believe it’s taken me two years to put all these paintings together!

Painting the Welsh Coast | Part 2

Over the course of painting this new exhibition I have decided to change the name, so what started as ‘Painting the Welsh coast’ will now become ‘ North – South, A very Welsh Exhibition’. This is Mostly due to the fact that whilst at the coast I began venturing in land. I couldn’t resist. There are so many fantastic places to visit throughout Wales.

Painting Hay bales at the food of Snowdon, Snowdonia National Park

Painting the Welsh coast | Part 1

Behind the scenes, painting along the Welsh coast for my upcoming solo exhibition.
Ever since painting Barmouth Bridge a year or so ago I have been inspired to paint a collection of works along the Welsh coast.  Working my way from North to South, following the coastline heading inland, here and there as and as I fancy.  (This was the rough idea at least)

Still life commissions

It’s been a great summer for still life painting.  I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some lush, colourful gardens with an abundance of inspiration to paint my still life commissions. This year has also seen seen an increase in the number of demands for personal, still life commissions.  So with that in mind I thought I would continue with the theme from the last blog.  This week I take you through the simple process of commissioning your own still life painting.

Cabane des Violettes, Crans Montana, Switzerland. Sunrise. oil painting

Commissioning a landscape painting

Commissioning a landscape painting is unknown territory for many people. So I’m writing this blog to take you ‘behind the scenes’ and show the whole process of commissioning your own landscape painting from start to finish. What the process involves and which choices you might make as the commissioner.  This particular painting is being painted in the Swiss Alps.