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Painting the Welsh Coast | Part 2

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Painting the Welsh Coast | Part 2

Over the course of painting this new exhibition I have decided to change the name, so what started as ‘Painting the Welsh coast’ will now become ‘ North – South, A very Welsh Exhibition’. This is Mostly due to the fact that whilst at the coast I began venturing in land. I couldn’t resist. There are so many fantastic places to visit throughout Wales.  I really felt the urge to include more from areas near to home and also the infamous mountainous areas that I love and visit so often.



First stop of part 2 was Harlech. The previous drive from the Peninsula, down through Barmouth (on my way home from Part 1 of this trip) remained engrained in my memory.  I couldn’t wait to go back in the Autumn. Exploring high up on the hillside as you pass Tremadog Bay I found a spot overlooking the sea called St Tecwyn’s. A small church high in the hills near Harlech, North Wales with a view over the Dwyryd estuary.


Before I knew it, Autumn vanished and the snow arrived. The time seemed to fly by! I had attempted to start a few other paintings, including one of my local town Montgomery. Unfortunately they have all been scrapped. However, when the snow did arrive I was ready and had spotted a great location on the Kerry ridgeway. The border between Wales and England. A spot I regularly return to for inspiration, especially when it’s snowing.  Mainly because it holds the snow longer due to the extra few hundred vertical meters.

Spring came early?

Winter, although still officially with us, seemed to take a weeks break and we were blessed with some great ‘spring like’ sunshine which warmed the skin, high pressures along with clear blue skies like I have never seen on a February’s day.


For this week I planned to stay in Dolgellau and paint a few new pieces. After arriving on day1, hiking up to the top of Cadair Idris I returned to find my credit card had vanished.  It was nowhere to be found, most likely resting on the mountain somewhere.  Quite luckily I had filled the car with diesel as I didn’t have more than about £3 with me in cash. (note to self: carry spare cash before any future painting trips) In order to make the most of the weather I had to drive back and forth from home each day.(about 1hr30mins)


In the morning I chose to paint close to home, revisiting the location where I painted a previous piece ‘fence line in the snow’ the previous winter.  Eating lunch at home then off back to Dolgellau to hike up Cadair Idris in the afternoon. I did this 3 days in a row until the good weather ceased. Here are a few small videos along with photos documenting the process.




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