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Dystonia & I ; The Renaissance of Self
CHF 12,000 | For Charity

Dystonia & I ; The Renaissance of Self
CHF 12,000 | For Charity

This painting has been shortlisted in the Jackson’s Open painting prize 2019

Dimensions: 110x130cm
Collection: Wales
For sale – £9,500

In 2014 after returning to his hometown in the heart of Wales, Tim was diagnosed with Dystonia, of which the cause still remains unknown. Since diagnosis Tim has sought refuge in keeping a journal, which lead to a love for observation, poetry and drawing. These have fast become a daily means of therapy for him and being creative on a daily basis helps to cope with the illness. Tim first requested to watch me paint in my studio, which was relaxing and intriguing for him. It didn’t take long before Tim had become the model and was sat there drawing me in his journal as I painted his portrait.

So I present my latest portrait of Tim Edmunds; ‘Dystonia & I; the renaissance of Self’ of which the proceeds will be going to charity (the brain research trust) to raise money for neurological research and help people who suffer from illnesses like Tim does.

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August 15th, 2017
Featured, For Sale, Portrait
Isle of Skye

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